Friday, January 25, 2013

What if

Assalamualaikum and hi :)

Salam Maulidur Rasul by the way . Rugi betul tak dapat sambut dekat masjid . Almaklumlah kita ehem-ehem . Baru dua tiga hari lepas excited nak pergi masjid sambut ramai-ramai :/ Semoga Allah swt panjangkan umur aku supaya dapat sambut lagi tahun depan . 

As for yesterday, it is like a new fresh start for me to re-open my blog . Hihi still quite awkward actually . Okayyyyy back to main topic for today . 


  • I can't be like what my parents want me to be 
  • I can't be a good listener to my friends 
  • I can't be a good girl for you, sayang
  • I'm not a smart student
  • I'm not a 'solehah' daughter
  • I'm not a good servant for my Lord Allah swt
  • etc
"When you feel all alone in this world and there's nobody to count your tears. Just remember, no matter where you are, Allah knows."

This sentence i picked from twitter makes my heart shakes . I may have so many flaws but i really should be grateful for what i have and for what i am . Alhamdulillah

Well, no one perfect i think . Every flaws that i owned maybe a strength for someone . I don't know . Maybe . No one will ever knows that except Allah swt . 

I really should thank Allah for giving me the best of the best friends that i've ever wanted . Tanussa, Mas, Zol, Pokcek, Fareeda, Amir, Siti, Eqa, Ifa and etc . I'm sorry for ont being very open to my problems but thanks anyway for being with me . I really like to keep everything bottled up inside my heart . Hee but i'm that type so cannot be blamed . 

*krik krik krik*

I am so out of topic !

LOVE CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU BEBEH heehee Assalamualaikum :))

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